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Remain in My Love

Remain in My Love is a 3 year Archdiocesan initiative for the renewal of marriage and family life. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is hoping that this new program will reach out to couples after their marriage as a continuation of the conversation that marriage prep started. We firmly believe that healthy marriages strengthen the family; family strengthens the church; strengthen the Church and then you can change the world. Each month check out the special message posted in this space to help you keep your marriage growing in love and joy, with opportunities for enrichment, fellowship, support and spiritual formation. A couple that prays together is a couple that stays together. Prayer gives life into a Catholic Marriage. Dear Lord,  We pray for all married couples, that they may be inspired to make their relationship a priority in their lives. We pray for all married couples that they may be a true sign of your love to the world. We pray for all married couples that they may turn to You, Lord, for help with any problems that they face. We pray for all married couples that, when their relationship needs mending, they may claim the special graces of forgiveness and healing, with which you have blessed our Sacrament of Matrimony. We pray for all married couples that, with your help, they may lead each other and their family to eternal life. In a Catholic marriage there are always three people, You, your spouse and God. If you keep God in your marriage, you gain the wisdom and courage to handle any problem. Let us continue to pray for all married couples.


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