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Remain in My Love

Remain in My Love is a 3 year Archdiocesan initiative for the renewal of marriage and family life. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is hoping that this new program will reach out to couples after their marriage as a continuation of the conversation that marriage prep started. We firmly believe that healthy marriages strengthen the family; family strengthens the church; strengthen the Church and then you can change the world. Each month check out the special message posted in this space to help you keep your marriage growing in love and joy, with opportunities for enrichment, fellowship, support and spiritual formation. The concept of “memory” in Scripture means to “make present”, rather than to fondly look back on something. As a married couple, memories of times you were most in love can make those moments present to us again, and help us to cope with difficult times. It’s important to note that not all romantic memories are candlelight and roses. They are times when you are most aware of the goodness of the other’s masculinity or femininity. Use this list to remind you of your own love history. Jot down as many memories as come to mind, share them with your spouse and then pull this sheet out when you need to “make present” these moments again. Times I felt: Secure or at ease with you. So impressed with how you looked. So proud of you. So proud to be seen with you. All fluttery in my stomach thinking about you. Excited, like we could conquer the world together. Specific instances: Our first date.  A time we laughed out loud together. An act of kindness you did for me that made me feel special. The moment I realized you were the person I wanted to marry.  A moment that stands out from our wedding day.  Something crazy we did as  newlyweds. For more insights on how to increase joy in your marriage, go to


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