Over the past few months, our parish has been providing a recording of Sunday Mass on the Facebook page. In addition to parishioners expressing their appreciation, a few have asked some questions about the celebration of Mass, Sunday as the Lord’s Day & other questions related to being a disciple of Jesus. Because of those questions, our parish will host a Sunday morning Zoom session entitled, “Zooming to Zakar!” beginning the First Sunday of Advent, 11/29. While the word zoom has been used to describe deliberate or intention movement as well as up-close photography, it now has the added meaning in our days ‘to connect remotely.’ Even though we are physically distant from one other & facially masked, our spirit still longs to recognize & to be with one another, including when it comes to our relationship with God: Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Zakar, while it may not be a household word like zoom, describes the activity of Jesus during His Public Ministry. Zakar is a Hebrew verb which is often translated into English as “to remember.” For Jesus, though, zakar means more than recalling a forgotten fact. For Him, zakar is to re-member, re-join, re-establish — re-connect. All of Jesus’ words & deeds are directed towards putting us in communion to His & our Father which happens most especially in the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy and keeping Sunday as a holy day. “Zooming to Zakar!” will meet in a Zoom session each Sunday 9:30-10am. Since each session will respond to a parishioner’s question about Sunday or the Sacred Liturgy, you are invited to email questions for consideration to rcia@saintjohnbosco.org. ZOOM ID 932 0265 7628. Passcode 172412