These are the Spring assignments for Family PREP. These will be due on April 30. Please hand in the basket in the back of the Church. These assignments MUST be handed in by April 30. They will not be accepted in the Office of Faith Formation.

Level 6                 Level 5                          Level 4                        Level 3                Level 2                Level 1

Family Commitment to Parish

Family Year Commitment to Parish

Family Handbook for 2018- 2019

Family PREP Handbook

Family Contract for 2018-2019

SJB Family Catechesis Program Pledge and Commitment 2018-2019


What is Family PREP?

Family PREP is a program where children come for an intense two week at the end of June. Family PREP allows the parents to be the first educators of their child’s faith. The families are required to be active in the St. John Bosco Parish. Currently, we are not accepting non-parishioners into the program.


Important Information

Family Visit to a Shrine