What is Summer PREP?

This is a two week intensive program meant to not only teach the faith but help pass on a strong Catholic identity through daily Mass, experience of prayer, studying the Saints and more! This two weeks takes the place of the weekly Tuesday classes for those who participate. Five additional family faith formation activities are required during the year. A list of these activities is found below for download.

2017 Summer PREP will be held weekdays June 20-30, 2017 from 8:30 AM-1:00 PM Registrations begin in April of 2017. Sorry, we will no longer be accepting registrations from those outside our parish for Summer PREP.

To see how many activities you have completed please click the activity record.

Family Activity Record Sheet 2016-17

Important Information for download

Schedule of Family Faith Formation Activities

actividades familiares family activities 2016-2017

Family Visit to a Shrine