Family PREP classes will begin on June 18. These classes will be from June 18 to June 28. Children must be present for all 9 classes. The classes will run from 8am to 12 pm. Students will be dropped off and picked up at the back doors of the PARISH CENTER. All adults picking up children need to make sure that the person’s name and relationship is on the Emergency form

Below is the Family PREP Handbook. Please note the following changes:

Page 5 – Under Fees, the deposit to hold a child or family’s spot for PREP classes will be NON REFUNDABLE. This will take place for registration for 2020-2021.

Page 14 – At Home Assignments, Students will be required to hand in 3 Mass forms a month. If a student does not attend Mass at St. John Bosco, then the form must be signed by a priest at a different parish. The bulletin from that parish can be signed and turned in with the Mass form. Mass forms can be found on the website.

Students will have questions and material to reinforce the material learned the last two weeks of June. These assignments will be required to complete these questions and email them to the director.

Page 17 – Snack Free Zone, Children can only bring water. Children are only allowed to bring pretzels, gold fish, crackers or cereal as a snack. All food must be consumed in the cafeteria. No food is allowed in the classrooms.

Family PREP Handbook for Parents for PREP 6.11.19

Below are the lessons for KidTalk. This is a new program that replaces the Protecting God’s Children lesson. This lesson will be taught on June 26. If you do not want your child present for this lesson, please contact the Faith Formation Office. You will need to write a letter stating that your child can not be present for the lesson. This will count as an absence and follow the guidelines for the absent rule.

Level 6 Kid Talk     Level 5 Kid Talk      Level 4 Kid Talk       Level 3 Kid Talk     Level 2 Kid Talk        Level 1 Kid Talk

ltr for Kid talk father’ signature


Family Commitment to Parish

Family Year Commitment to Parish

Family Handbook for 2018- 2019

Family PREP Handbook

Family Contract for 2018-2019

SJB Family Catechesis Program Pledge and Commitment 2018-2019


What is Family PREP?

Family PREP is a program where children come for an intense two weeks at the end of June. Family PREP allows the parents to be the first educators of their child’s faith. The families are required to be active in the St. John Bosco Parish. Currently, we are not accepting non-parishioners into the program.


Important Information

Family Visit to a Shrine