(Parish Religious Education Program)

Tuesday PREP Classes Begin Sept. 26 4:15PM & 6:45PM

Back to PREP Night 2nd level and up will begin in church with their families for a Prayer Service the first night of PREP. All families of 2nd level and older students should come first to church and sit together for the prayer service. After the prayer the catechists will collect their class and go over to the classroom. The parents will stay for a parent meeting and then go over to meet the catechists in the classroom. 


**1st level students should be taken directly to the classroom and parents should then come over to church for the prayer service and parent meeting.


No registrations will be accepted the first night of class. Registration will begin March 27, 2017 for the 2017-18 year. We will not be accepting non-parish families for the Summer PREP this year. If you are registering a child who is new to the program please bring a copy of their baptismal certificate. You must register with $100.00 down with the rest of tuition paid in full by the start of classes.

2017-18 PREP Re-registration Form

New Student Registration Form


Summer Agreement Form

Forms in Spanish


Our Mission

The parish community of St. John Bosco is especially attentive to the spiritual growth of our youth.  Religious education focuses on the faith formation of each child.  Volunteer catechists teach the truths of the Catholic Church and believe that Jesus Christ is the center of catechesis.  All are welcome to pray, learn and share in bringing our youth into communion with God.

The six fundamental tasks of catechesis included in our Children’s Faith Formation Program are:
.   Promoting knowledge of the faith
.   Liturgical education
.   Moral formation
.   Teaching to pray
.   Education for Community Life
.   Missionary initiation


FEES 2017-18

1 Child              $235.00

2 Children         $300.00

3+ Children       $350.00


Faith Formation Office :  267-803-0774

Coordinator:      Christine Flack

Office : Marie Sheerin

Jackie Jalon

Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday:       8:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Sunday :                              varies

Tuesday                               3:30 PM – 8:30 PM


– Tuesday Evening  Levels 1 – Jr High                     6:45 PM – 8:00 PM

– Tuesday Afternoon Levels 1-6                               4:15 PM – 5:30 PM

-Summer Weekdays June 20-June 30 2017            8:30 AM –1:00 PM Levels 1-6

This is a two week intensive program meant to not only teach the faith but help pass on a strong Catholic identity through daily mass, experience of prayer, studying the Saints and more! This two weeks takes the place of the weekly Tuesday classes for those who participate. During the year you will re-gather five times to share faith as a family. Young children and extended family are always welcome! Download the schedule of family faith formation activities on our “Summer PREP” page  for more information.