What comes to mind when you hear the letters R-C-I-A? Many know these letters to mean the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, the usual way for non-Catholic adults to become full members of the Church, the Body of Christ. What surprises many Catholics, however, is that RCIA involves the whole parish. Long before the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” became popular, Christians knew and still know it takes the Holy Spirit and a parish to form new members. We are blessed to have adults inquiring and preparing to become full members of the Body of Christ, a very good sign of a lively parish. Yet this now challenges each of us as members of Saint John Bosco. How do we, both new and lifelong members, stay alive and continue maturing as disciples of Jesus?

1. In your daily prayers, always include a prayer for Saint John Bosco Parish that we may do what Jesus has entrusted to us through the Grace of the Holy Spirit to do the will of God our Father.

2. If you know a family member or friend who has expressed some desire to become a Catholic Christian, bring her or him to an RCIA gathering. We meet each Sunday after the 8:00am Mass in the Parish Center. In the early part of RCIA, there are no commitments. Come and see what and Who RCIA is all about.

3. Consider a role in RCIA. We need parishioners to serve as catechists, to help with hospitality and (somewhat urgently) to serve as sponsors. If you do not feel comfortable being a catechist or sponsor, we certain welcome and need your presence as a witness to life of the Holy Spirit acting in all our lives. Your quiet and gentle presence is a powerful testimony of faith in Jesus Christ.

If you have questions, kindly call (267) 803-0774 [Faith Formation office], or send an email rcia@saintjohnbosco.org or come to the Parish Center after the 8:00am Mass on a Sunday. Over the years, parishioners have mentioned that participating in RCIA contributed significantly in growing as mature disciples of Jesus Christ.