He had a vibrant charity. He stuck up for classmates being bullied,

invited to his home kids who were suffering because of their parents’ divorce or domestic problems, tutored classmates who were struggling with homework or computer problems, patiently rescued friends experimenting with drugs or addicted to pornography, spent time with the elderly helping them with tasks, “hunted” for litter in parks or on the beach to beautify the world, brought warm drinks & food to the homeless & used his allowance to buy them sleeping bags or warm clothes. “Life is a gift,” he said, “because as long as we are on earth, we can increase our level of love.” His greatest charity was to try to share the faith. From the time he was 11, he taught catechism & sought to inspire younger kids to choose to strive for sanctity. To make the faith practical, he made a “Holiness Kit” for them that involved 9 steps that he himself practiced: TO LOVE GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART; EACH DAY TO TRY TO GO TO MASS AND RECEIVE COMMUNION, PRAY THE ROSARY, READ A PASSAGE OF SACRED SCRIPTURE & MAKE A VISIT TO JESUS IN THE TABERNACLE EACH DAY; TO GO TO CONFESSION ONCE A WEEK; TO HELP OTHERS AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN & TO RELY ON YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL AS YOUR BEST FRIEND. He attracted people to the faith more by his example & friendship than by words. His mom said, “To live close to someone like Carlo means not to remain neutral in your faith.” His zeal led him use his computer skills to try to design websites not only on the Eucharist and on Marian apparitions but also a 170-part series on the Last Things and a 131-part series on Angels & Demons in the lives of saints. Watch this bulletin space each week to receive encouragement for your daily life as we continue to learn about Blessed Carlo Acutis!