If you have moved into this area
or are already living in this area,
a sincere welcome in the name of
Jesus Christ to the Parish of Saint John Bosco.

If you have just moved into the area, we trust that it has been a smooth one. No doubt, you and your family are getting adjusted to all kinds of opportunities. Being new to an area can also be challenging as you may not know many people. As a parish, know that you are most welcome here and we look forward to meeting you. We can introduce you to other parishioners who may be able to help make the transition to this area even smoother. If you have been living in the area but have not had a chance to identify yourself as a member of the parish, we warmly invite you to introduce yourself.

Becoming a member of a parish is an important spiritual and practical act. Because each of us is blessed with a soul and a body, all of our actions are simultaneously spiritual and physical. Each of us has a connection and relationship with the Divine Persons – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit – through the marvelous gift of Baptism. Such a connection, though, is invisible: our bodily eyes can not immediately ‘see’ that relationship. Registering with the parish is a visible act that declares I am part of the Body of Christ and want to be a visible part of that Body in this geographic area. Furthermore, as a unique and precious child of God, you and your family have been blessed uniquely with talents, gifts and skills. The parish community offers a place where you can employ them and contribute to the building-up of Christ’s Body, the Church.

Becoming a member of a parish has practical dimensions. In an age when dioceses are having to make very difficult decisions such as closing parishes, consolidating ministries among area parishes and assigning priests and deacons, registration gives an accurate number of the Catholics in a given area and can make a big difference in a parish remaining open and having sufficient resources to carry on the work of Jesus in our time and place. On a local level, when a parish knows who is in the parish, it helps to focus various ministries and outreach of the parish, especially Sacramental events and times, which are so vital for all of our lives as Catholic Christians. Registering in a parish also helps when it comes to religious education (known as Children Faith Formation in our Parish), preparing for and receiving the Sacraments, scheduling Marriage in the Church, families scheduling a funeral for a loved one and letters attesting to one’s ability to be a sponsor for the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation (commonly referred to as a Certificate of Eligibility). Being known to the parish as a practicing, committed and intentional Catholic through registering helps to ensure smooth scheduling or obtaining Certificates of Eligibility. You may register in the parish office (Monday through Friday, 9:00am — 4:00pm or by phone, (215) 672-7280.

Welcome to Saint John Bosco Catholic Church. We look forward to meeting you.