Wedding planning begins with engaged couple’s meeting a parish priest here at least six (6) months before desired wedding date. Please do not make financial commitments before confirming church date/time. If a member of the couple was previously married, a Declaration of Nullity (Annulment) of the prior marriage may be necessary. Please contact parish priest for detailed information.

Will you need an easy-to-follow wedding program template? You can find these templates on the SJB Website! The wedding program templates have a basic ceremony structure in them as well as details about you, your groom & your bridal party. You’ll just need to go in & change the details to reflect your special day. Use them as a guide & add your own spin to make your day truly personal. The templates for half fold are easy to use for simple wedding programs.

MARRIAGE CONVALIDATION: Couples in a civil or non-Catholic religious union without our Church’s explicit permission are not in a valid Catholic marriage. They cannot receive other sacraments or serve as Catholic Sponsors for Baptism and Confirmation. This situation is often easily remedied by “convalidation”, a simple ceremony popularly called “getting a marriage blessed”. Call the parish office to arrange.