I Thirst: 40 Days with Mother Teresa

Walk with Saint Mother Teresa throughout the season of Lent with I Thirst: 40 Days with Mother Teresa.

Join us for a Lenten Prayer Study on Fridays at 9:30am in the Faith Formation Office in the Parish Center for 7 weeks starting 9 February 2024. Each session will be accompanied by a book discussion between Dr. Ben Akers and Fr. Daniel Moloney.

You can purchase the book on Amazon. Please bring the book with you to each gathering.

I Thirst provides an opportunity to spend a few minutes every day with Mother Teresa and the thirst of our Lord. It provides an opportunity to grow in intimacy and to meet the thirst of God with our own thirst for him.

Please let us know if you plan to attend by calling the Faith Formation Office, (267) 803-0774.